Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pumpkin Ravioli with Glazed Brussels Sprouts, Brown Butter and Amaretti Crumbs

This is a dish that we made last Fall. I had this at a restaurant in San Francisco last October and was able to email the chef to get the recipe. (I'll start adding recipes to these dishes as soon as I figure out how to do it). He used a Japanese pumpkin called Kabocha. Surprisingly I was able to find Kabocha at Ralphs. The pumpkin is roasted, passed through a food mill and then mixed with two different cheeses and amaretti crumbs (an Italian cookie similar to a macaroon). The Brussels sprouts are "poached" in water and butter (a lot of butter...about 2 TBS per person). Once the sprouts are perfect, they're removed and poaching liquid is reduced until you're left with a rich, nutty-flavored brown butter. Sage is mixed with the butter and spooned over the ravioli and sprouts. Shave some Parmesan, grate some Amaretti over the top and you're done... I was surprised that my kids actually loved this... They polished off the Brussels Sprouts first... What kid likes Brussels Sprouts?

Maddyn loves being my assistant when we make pasta. She pulls and folds the pasta dough as we crank it through the past rollers.

Brushing the dough with water before putting on the top pasta sheet.

Stamping out the Ravioli

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brit.brit.brit said...

holy cow.i had no idea this is what you meant. ahh.oh master teach me your skills!one day i'll make my own pasta..in the mean time..i'll have to hit up my friends @ the ranch market..