Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lemon Sorbet
Citrus Sorbet takes about 15 minutes to make. Just squeeze and strain the juice, mix with a simple syrup and freeze in an ice cream maker. You're done. The hardest part of this dish was hollowing out the lemons without ripping them to shreds. The kids think that this is a cool way to eat dessert.


brit.brit.brit said...

so fun!!you wouldn't believe whats in my freezer right now!! strawberry,pineapple, and peach-mango sorbet. gotta love that cuisinart sorbet maker!summer is coming..and we're gettin ready.our favorite is cantelope sorbet..we'll serve it on a cantelope slice..with melon balls of honey dew..oh and mint.thanks for sharing your amazing ideas.

Byron said...

I love mellon sorbets in the summer. Honey Dew and Watermellon are our favorites over here.