Sunday, September 21, 2008

Smoked Salmon with Shallots, Capers and Fresh Chives

One of the FEW good things about having church at 12:30 pm on Sundays (I would prefer a 6:30 am start on Sunday to be done by 9:30.... but I can't get anyone else to agree with me on that) is that we have time in the morning to make a good breakfast. The kids were up way too early and ended up making their own breakfast. Chessa doesn't like smoked salmon or capers so I had to eat this one by myself.

A couple ounces of smoked salmon, a tablespoon of capers, one hard boiled egg (white and yolks finely chopped separately), a couple of tablespoons of shallots, some chopped fresh chives and a little freshly ground black pepper and you're done. Went nicely with a toasted bagel. My boys were wishing they had not eaten breakfast so early.... (they all got a couple of bites, so I think that I need to make more of this next time.


Michael said...

Dude, I'd give my eyeteeth for 630AM Church! Where do I sign up?

brit.brit.brit said...

yum! i love sunday breakfasts.
too bad our ward isn't the same time..we could have had some serious sunday brunches. i'll post our sunday meal soon..glazed banana french toast sandwiches..nutmeg and challah. yum.

jora said...

This sounds like an absolutely perfect way to start a Sunday morning. Well, that, and some freshly-squeezed juice. :)